Life can be full of surprises. Some are fun, like birthday parties. Some, not so much, like dental emergencies. Life happens. If it “happens” to your child, we will be happy to see you at A Children's Dentist.

What should you do if a dental emergency in Battle Ground, Washington, strikes?

First, remain calm. Gently rinse your child’s mouth with water or a water and salt mixture to relieve the initial discomfort. Then, examine the damage. In the case of bleeding that will not stop or a broken jaw, visit your local emergency room.

Second, call our office at 360-666-0530. In many cases, your child should see our pediatric dentists, Dr. Conway Jensen and Dr. Brian Jochim, within an hour. We will schedule your child for a visit as soon as possible and will give you instructions on what to do until you come in. Here are some tips to remember for common dental problems:

  • Knocked-Out Tooth: Locate the tooth if you can and handle it only by the crown. Gently rinse it in cool water but do not touch the roots. Call our office for an appointment and find out if you should try to put it gently back in the socket. If that is not possible, submerge the tooth in milk and bring it with you to your child’s appointment.
  • Broken Tooth: Save any pieces and gently rinse the affected area with warm water to clean it. An external cold compress can help with any swelling.
  • Loose Tooth From an Injury: Gently rinse your child’s mouth with warm water. Do not try to move the tooth. Instead, you can use gauze or a towel to help keep your child comfortable until you can come in.
  • Tooth out of Position: You can rinse your child’s mouth with warm water. Use gauze or a towel to help keep the tooth from shifting and to help keep your child comfortable. Do not try to move the tooth on your own and come into the office as soon as you can.
  • Oral Bleeding: Use gentle pressure with a clean cloth or piece of gauze. If the bleeding does not stop, visit the emergency room.
  • Object in Between Teeth: Floss the area very gently to try and remove the object. Do not apply pressure or use a sharp instrument. If the object cannot be removed, call our office.
  • Toothache: Gently brushing or flossing your child’s teeth may help. You should try rinsing the area with a warm saltwater solution. You may want to try a pediatric pain reliever, but talk to our pediatric dentists when you call for an appointment before applying topical products.
  • Broken Jaw: Go to the emergency room immediately.