Your child’s baby teeth are important. Not only do they help your child eat and speak, but they also maintain the space in your child’s mouth for their permanent teeth to come in later. If your child suffers from baby bottle tooth decay, or if they just develop a cavity, our pediatric dentists, Dr. Conway Jensen and Dr. Conway Jensen, may suggest repairing the tooth with a stainless-steel crown, as opposed to a filling. This is often the preferred option for repairing cavities in children that are under the age of four. Steel crowns are also good for protecting a tooth that needs pulp therapy.

Steel crowns are very durable, and at the same time, they are very cost-effective. They are effective in protecting your child’s smile since the crown covers the entire tooth down to the gumline. Steel crowns are also known for causing less sensitivity in your child’s tooth, and they are very good at helping maintain the space in your child’s mouth that is needed for their adult teeth to erupt properly. If you have noticed that your child is coping with a cavity, please call A Children's Dentist at 360-666-0530 to learn more about our stainless-steel crowns in Battle Ground, Washington.